How do you tell the difference between a broken display and a broken glass?

An incident like dropping your phone on tiles or cement leaves you with a bitter taste. In all the madness created by this episode, there is a pretty good chance that at some point you will confuse a broken LCD screen and a broken glass. The LCD screen is directly responsible for the display function of the phone, as well as for the touchscreen.

As for the glass screen, it is played only by the outer layer of the phone, which, although it is designed to be durable, can be the first affected in the event of a strong fall from height.

Most of the time, the damage to the screen in the glass is visible enough to realize that the touch component is not touched. However, there are situations where the glass screen can remain intact, and the damage actually occurred on the display. In this case, the repair will be a larger one and will cost you more.

If you dropped your phone on the floor and it doesn’t turn on anymore, it’s best to go to an authorized service and leave your smartphone to the specialists. They will draw up a service sheet, note the unique IMEI identification of the phone and start operations to “save” your phone, so you can enjoy it again as quickly as possible.

Another important point is that you should pay more attention to water resistance after you break your phone, as it may be lost.

Difference between display, screen and glass

To begin with, to better understand what is wrong with your phone, it’s best to know that the screen of a smartphone consists of three essential components:

Display (component that allows the display)
Touchscreen (touch component)
Glass glazing

It’s good to know that if the glass window deteriorates, there is no need to replace all three components. This leads to a significant reduction in costs if we were to balance the money allocated in case of repairing a display or touchscreen.