How do you protect your screen against shocks?


Today, many smartphones are equipped with protection consisting of a fairly strong glass for your screen, such as Gorilla Glass, a technology based on synthetic crystals. Gorilla Glass is designed to be thin and light, but at the same time sufficiently resistant to possible damage.

Extra protection never hurts. That’s why it’s good to buy either a plastic or silicone film against scratches, or a glass foil, especially if you have a very expensive phone model, in which you invested more. If you are afraid that the touch experience will be reduced once you decide to put this glass wrap on it, you should know that you have nothing to worry about. You will be able to slide quietly on the screen because this protective bottle will not mess you with anything.

Depending on the phone model you own, the prices for a quality protective film start from 1 dollar


It’s good to know that you can also “dress” your phone with a cover that protects your device from the impact of falling or scratching. Even if you are not a fan of colorful covers or with various designs, you can also opt for simple and discreet models, but shockproof.

As for iPhones, for example, it would be good to consider such a protective mechanism, because of the numerous scratches that can appear both on the back and on the front of the phone, given the ease with which these phone models can slip through the fingers.

There is now a wide range of models of covers, either transparent or brightly coloured, for every taste. You can also opt for glass covers, which are shockproof, but also slip resistant.

In any case, in order to avoid any inconvenience caused by damage to the screen, as well as the back of the phone, it is better to be cautious. Perhaps it is good to consider the possibility to opt for a mobile phone insurance program, which will cover more of the repair costs generated by the damage created.

If you think, however, that it is not worth investing in the cost of repairing the screen, you should also consider selling the phone. Even if it has suffered some damage, you can still sell it to those who are interested in the other components of the phone. For this process, which often can turn out to be complicated, it is advisable to turn to reliable specialists. We provide you with a certified sales guide, which includes more tips and useful information.