Is your iPhone showing “Important battery message”?

If you recently bought a used iPhone, you made a wise decision! We want you to know that not only your budget benefits in this situation, but also nature, which you indirectly chose to protect. Bringing used electronics back into the market goes a long way towards reducing pollution without compromising on quality, so you’ve done another good deed!

But we don’t want to tell you about the gratitude we bring you in this material, but about the notification you may have received on your phone and which, more than likely, made you think. More precisely, we are talking about “Important battery message”.

What does Important battery message mean?

If you’re holding a refurbished iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, 12, 13, 14 or any other model that was released after them and you’ve updated to iOS 15, it’s likely that the smartphone display the message Important battery message appeared.

No need to worry as your phone’s ability to function perfectly will not be affected in any way. On the contrary, if you receive this message, it means that the smartphone’s battery has recently been replaced with a new one, so that you can enjoy more autonomy.

A phone’s battery falls under the Consumables category, so it is among the first, if not the first, to lose its capacity. This happens because each individual user has his own habits of charging the phone, many of which are far from the recommendations of specialists (do not leave the phone on charge overnight, do not charge it more than 80%, do not -you let the battery drop below 20%).

That is why all smartphone manufacturers, i.e. Samsung, Huawei or others, do not offer a warranty of more than one year for phone batteries.

When necessary, the batteries of the phones are replaced with new ones, precisely so that the future owner of the device can enjoy a good autonomy, just as in the situation in which he would choose to buy you a new phone, from the store.

Why does the Important battery message appear on the screen?

The short answer to this question is because Apple wants to condition you to exchange your phone components with them, the alternative that costs more.

I mentioned above about the update to iOS 15, the newest Apple operating system, which comes bundled with this type of notifications. If you are not willing to pay the exorbitant costs that Apple authorized services impose and you choose another service for battery or display replacement, you are likely to receive this notification on your phone screen.

The problem, which was cataloged by many as an abuse on the part of Apple, is an older one, and worldwide it has triggered a movement called Right to repair (The right to repair). Both the US government and the European Parliament are now trying to regulate how Apple phones are used. Fans of the brand should have the right to repair iPhones wherever they want, that is, in the services they prefer, without being conditioned by messages like “Important battery message” to end up with the phones at Apple, where the costs of the services and spare parts are, we all know, much higher.

Is the Important battery message affecting my phone?

Not. Apple has made it clear that the “Important battery message” will NOT affect the performance of your iPhone. The notification is just to let you know that the newly installed battery on the device has not been attached to an Apple service, but this will have nothing to do with the life of the battery or its capabilities.

How long does the Important battery message stay on the screen?

The notification will remain on the screen of your phone for the first four days of using the device, then it will “move” to the settings area, next to the battery, where you can also see the battery capacity. It will stay there for 15 days, after which it will disappear completely.