Why does the phone heat up

The heating of the mobile phone is normal, but when its temperature exceeds a certain limit, it can be a cause for concern because it can turn into overheating. In order for the phone to work, it is necessary to produce movement and, implicitly, energy, which also leads to the release of heat.

Heating and, implicitly, overheating of the phone can be effects of the action of various elements of the phone.


The processor is the element that consumes the most energy and, for this reason, also the one that dissipates the greatest amount of heat. You probably noticed that when you use your phone for games or to access more demanding sites, it tends to warm up. This is because the processor is forced to consume more power during these actions.


After a longer period of use, the battery — consisting of several lithium batteries — wears out. Using the phone involves periodically discharging and charging the battery and, through this process, heat is released. It’s possible that your phone is warming up for this reason.


The camera is one of the most important elements of the mobile phone, because posting spectacular photos on social networks has become a phenomenon that millions of people around the world take part. It is precisely for this reason that a camera with a high resolution is among the wishes of mobile phone users. However, the higher the resolution of the camera, the more energy it consumes and can cause faster heating of the phone.


Some phones have automatic adjustment of the screen light according to the light level in the environment in which they are used, but not all of them offer this possibility. In addition, there are users who like to interact with a very bright screen, in which the colors are more vivid. Those who keep the phone screen set at maximum brightness should know that this means consuming more energy and dissipation of more heat.

What are the reasons for overheating the phone

Overheating of the phone is most often related to chip overload, which can be caused by many factors.

Usage level

If you use your mobile phone to do several things at once — you send messages while a song is playing on YouTube and you want to take a picture in this interval, for example — your phone might overheat. The pressure put on the cell phone elements favors the increase in temperature and thus the phone can overheat.

Using your phone while charging

It can be hard to stay away from your mobile phone, but you better try to do this at least when you leave it to charge. Otherwise, especially if you use demanding applications while your phone is charging, you may feel its temperature rising quite a lot. This can also be caused by using an inappropriate charger for your mobile phone type.


If you have many applications installed in your phone, even if you don’t actively use them, the chances of your device overheating are higher. Complex games and large applications require the mobile phone’s processor the most, resulting in its excessive heating.

Phone settings

Mobile data turned on, Wi-Fi on, or Bluetooth make your phone battery discharge faster, and when you use it, it may result in an increase in temperature. Also, the acceleration of the heating process can be determined by the bright brightness of the screen, if you have it so set.

In addition, depending on the area where your phone has a temperature higher than normal, you can figure out what might be causing overheating:

If the temperature is too high in the back of the phone, in the case area, the problem may be in the battery. If this happens frequently, you will most likely need to replace the battery with a new one;
If overheating affects the lower part of the phone, where the charging port is located, the charger may cause the problem. Try to use another charger, preferably an original one;
If the screen or speaker area overheats, it is best to go with the phone to a service because other phone problems may have caused the temperature to rise.