What are the advantages of buying a reconditioned phone?

The main reasons why it is recommended to buy a reconditioned phone are:

There’s more money left in your pocket.

Prices are more advantageous compared to a new phone: you can find phones used and refurbished at prices up to 60% lower than a new phone;

You choose smart and sustainable.

Buying a refurbished second-hand phone is also a choice that reduces pollution of the environment. The production of a new phone involves the use of raw resources, which leads to the issuance of a quantity significant electronic waste.

You’re safe, you get a guarantee and a right to return.

You buy from the comfort of your own home. The courier comes right to your door with the ordered phone, properly packed in a

Flip box and you can even check the package before receiving it.

Buying a reconditioned phone is beneficial because, as we become more aware of the impact they have our actions on the environment, there will be strong reasons for phone manufacturers to be more caring about the environment. We can therefore choose a reconditioned phone at the expense of a new one, especially since it is find out in very good operating conditions.

Do refurbished phones come with updated software?

Technicians make sure that the reconditioned phone has an updated version of the software and operating system, because you to enjoy the best experience. Also, refurbished phones do not come with data stored from previous owners and are completely reset to factory settings.

Do I get warranty if I bought a reconditioned phone?

Just like new phones, which come with a guarantee, and a refurbished second-hand phone market has to offer its customers guarantee the products sold.