Celebrating Update 1.0.0 – Introducing New Features and Enhancements for a Streamlined Experience

We are proud to introduce the release of update 1.0.0 for our app, marking a major milestone in its development. This update focuses on introducing new features, improving the user experience, and streamlining the app’s overall performance. Below is a summary of the key improvements we’ve implemented:

  1. Data Table Updates
  • Added a convenient counter to the repair column, enabling users to quickly view the number of repairs.
  1. Repair Enhancements
  • Incorporated a new delivery date feature, providing users with better visibility of expected delivery times.
  1. Print and Print Settings Adjustments
  • Fixed the font size issue for A4 Split printing to ensure better readability.
  • Rectified the font size issue on the Print Settings page, offering a more consistent appearance.
  1. Edit Repair Page Changes
  • Locked the Malfunction & Note fields for orders received from partners, ensuring data integrity and clear responsibility.
  1. UX Improvements
  • Replaced the terms “Entry” and “Order” with “Repair” to provide greater clarity for end users.
  1. General Optimizations
  • Implemented better data cleanup upon logging out, enhancing the app’s performance and security.
  • Removed redundant packages to streamline the app, making it more efficient and reliable.

Update 1.0.0 signifies an important step in the ongoing evolution of our app. We’ve made considerable enhancements to ensure a smoother and more intuitive experience for our users. As always, we value your feedback and are eager to continue improving the app based on your suggestions. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future!