Introducing Update 1.0.10 – Enhancing Mobile Experience and Adding Exciting New Features

With the release of update 1.0.10, our app takes another step forward in delivering a superior mobile experience and introducing new features to improve overall functionality. In this latest update, we’ve focused on refining key aspects of the app to create an even more intuitive and powerful tool. Here’s a rundown of the improvements we’ve made:

  1. Mobile Experience Improvements
  • Resized buttons and removed user data from the header for a cleaner mobile interface.
  • Fixed header min height for a more consistent appearance across devices.
  • Refined side menu behavior on mobile, hiding it completely and allowing it to float instead of pushing elements.
  • Enhanced chart display for improved readability on smaller screens.
  1. Charts Page Enhancements
  • Added a date filter for more precise data analysis.
  • Introduced a new stat, “Total accepted,” for better insight into performance.
  • Improved tooltip functionality for clearer information display.
  • Incorporated Parts and Profit cards for a more comprehensive view of key metrics.
  1. My Account Page Updates
  • Introduced a dedicated My Account page for easy access to personal settings.
  • Enabled users to change their username for a more personalized experience.
  • Updated language settings to save user preferences to the database.
  1. Organization Page Modifications
  • Relocated language button to the My Account page for more intuitive navigation.
  1. General Improvements
  • Fixed some state logic issues for better app performance.
  1. Data Table Updates
  • Added an Emergencies filter for more focused data analysis and management.

Update 1.0.10 brings significant enhancements to the mobile experience and introduces new features that make our app more powerful and user-friendly. We are committed to continually refining the app to meet your needs, and we appreciate your feedback. Stay connected for more updates and improvements coming your way!