How to avoid overheating your phone

Smartphones help you to be constantly connected to what’s happening around you and keep in touch with your loved ones no matter where you are, but, like any other object, they are not without problems either. One of the grievances that sometimes users have about smartphones is about their overheating, especially because they do not understand the reason why this is happening.

Even if you are a hard user of your mobile phone and you constantly need it, you can do a few things to avoid, as far as possible, overheating. For example:

Use only original chargers, even if they are slightly more expensive;
Do not forget the phone to charge for hours (during the night);
Do not leave the phone, while charging, on textile surfaces (on the bed or on the carpet) because they store heat;
Uninstall applications that you do not use;
Do not leave open applications that you are not using at that time;
Update the operating system when you have this possibility;
Do not use the Bluetooth function in the long term;
Don’t expose your phone to the sun.

What problems can cause overheating of the phone

Overheating of the phone is not only a disturbing problem for you as a user, but also one that can create device failures.

The main negative effect that overheating of the phone can have is damage to the battery and chip.

Mobile phone batteries are built to last over time, but not forever. If, for example, you expose your phone to the sun for a longer period, the battery will have to be charged more often because it will deteriorate.

In the case of the chip, it is built in such a way as to avoid overheating the phone, slowing the processor speed in this respect. The chip can deteriorate if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, but this situation is quite rare because the phones are ready to cope with these cases as well.

What do you do if your phone overheated

If you notice that your phone sometimes overheats, you can solve the problem. When overheating occurs constantly, although you have taken the necessary measures to prevent it, it is best to go by phone to a service.

Depending on the reason for overheating, you can do a few things to lower your phone’s temperature:

If the phone overheats while charging, unplug it. Check if the charger matches your phone and, if you notice overheating and when charging occurs from the laptop, go with the phone to a service;

If you notice overheating after a few hours of use without pause, during which time you ran multiple applications and also used mobile data, try to reduce these actions or, if possible, even stop using your phone for a few minutes to return to normal temperature;

If you forgot your phone in the sun, turn it off, put it in the shade and wait a few minutes until it cools down naturally.

We have to admit that rare or even non-existent are the moments when we leave the house without a mobile phone, so we must try to protect it so that we can help us whenever we need it. Pay attention to the signals your phone gives you and go to the service when you notice a problem. Do not ignore the overheating of the phone because it can be caused by internal problems of the phone.