How to Hide “Typing” and “Online” Statuses on WhatsApp?

If you have already disabled the Last seen and Read Receipts features on WhatsApp, you are probably the type of user who prefers discretion. But, as you already know, even if you unchecked the option by which the application shows your contacts when you were last online, when you return to the platform or write a message, WhatsApp will display in the conversation you open the message “typing ” or “online”.

Thus, your interlocutors can expect to receive a response from you in the shortest possible time. In case you don’t want to be disturbed or simply don’t want others to know when you picked up your phone to check your messages, the simple method to hide “typing” or “online” on WhatsApp might help you , which I explained to you below.

Here’s what you need to do if you don’t want to be seen online or typing in WhatsApp anymore:

 check received messages directly from the phone menu, without entering the application - swipe down on the screen or by pressing the down arrow, for each received message; thus, you can read without appearing online;
 close access to the net - disable Wi-Fi or mobile data or put the phone on airplane mode;
 enter WhatsApp and quietly read all received messages - be sure that those who sent them cannot see you online, because you have the net disabled;
 respond as you wish to received messages, at your own pace - your interlocutor will not see that you are writing (typing), also due to the fact that your internet is closed;
 tap Send - the message won't be sent until you turn Wi-Fi or mobile data back on or turn off airplane mode, so the person you sent the message to won't see you online or know you're typing.

And that’s it! Now that you know how easy it is to hide “typing” or “online” statuses on WhatsApp, you will eliminate a source of stress that you were most likely facing until now.