What is a refurbished phone?

A refurbished phone is a technically carefully verified second-hand phone (both hardware and software) and repaired by specialists to put it back on sale. The whole process involves returning the phone to a very good working condition, which means that it should work almost the same as a new one.

Reconditioned second-hand phones can be the ideal choice if you’re going to change your phone and you don’t want to invest into a new one. If the reconditioning is done in a correct and optimal way, we can say that the phone receives the “second life” and can be considered almost new, but at a much more affordable price.

If the reconditioning takes place under optimal conditions, the phone will have increased performance, will move quickly and will be effective in terms of storage, battery and operating system, at a level compared to a phone purchased directly from shop.

For example, phones sold via Flip are refurbished, which means they are perfectly functional, comparable to technically new phones. As for the aesthetic aspect of phones, it is divided into 4 categories: “As New”, “Excellent”, “Very Good” and “Good” — and depending on the category, the phone may not have traces of use (Like New), traces

Very fine use (Excellent), traces of normal use (Very Good) or slightly more pronounced traces of use (Good). With however, at the technical level, all phones (regardless of the aesthetic category) are at the same technical and performance.

How do I make sure that the supplier I’m going to buy the reconditioned phone from is reliable?

The first step is to read the reviews left by customers, then make sure that they have a physical location, a clear address and a dedicated support team, to which you can write and be answered quickly in case you have any questions. Including present on social media will help you get a better idea about the company you are going to buy your phone from.

Another indicator of trust is the clarity of payment methods it provides, the way in which respond to negative reviews, if they appeared in the written press or if they are transparent and you can get in touch with them quickly, in specially by mail or livechat.